Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Funny Moments

So far my blog seems to have been a bit down in the dumps - not so bright and cheerie.

Being mum has many more ups. A friend recently asked me
'How's the whole being a mother thing? I imagine its a big life change.'

I replied, 'definitely big changes and a fair amount of work - 24/7. But it's all worth it when you see a little smile or she grabs your finger and wont let go.'

So I thought I would share a few funny things that have happened just over the last 3 weeks. She is 3 weeks old today!

Coming home from hospital (2 days old). Daddy came to pick us up. We were all excited and ready.  Got her down to the car and we couldn't figure out the baby capsule. Last time we looked at it was when we put it in the car 6 weeks prior. That was taking a while - to adjust it to her size. Then we lost the ticket to get out of the carpark. We were all a fluster. In the end I think it took us an hour to leave the carpark.

The first time bub and I were alone after leaving hospital - (6 days old) I was changing her nappy, wiping carefully and thoroughly. All of a sudden a fountain of mustard colour baby poop literally pours into my hand. It seemed to go for quite a while. I was thinking when is this going to end. Luckily Daddy wasn't there to see. Although he still thinks its hilarious.

A helpful nappy tip for those using Huggies (newborn). Although we have modern cloth nappies to use, our little princess is a bit small for them right now. So we have continued using Huggies disposables. They aren't too hard. Just found out though (19 days old) that they have this special line on the outside which changes colour when the nappy is dirty or wet. Now we have known when they've been dirty, the smell gives it away. But wet - well mummy hasn't always been able to tell so she has been checking by opening the nappy and touching it to feel if its moist. Hahaha!!

You gotta laugh! :)

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