Monday, February 28, 2011

A Mixed Bag

This is not a mixed bag of lollies! Rather an assortment of things I've discovered as a new mum.

SLEEP - My little darling is very consistent and easy to put down at night time, I've worked out what she likes; the days are more tricky. I'm told by other mums that 'sleep breeds sleep'. In other words sleep is needed for sleep. If babies don't get sleep during the day (for example), they won't sleep well at night. They are not like us adults who have a good sleep and then are up and ready to go for the rest of the day.

Being a young baby still (4 weeks tomorrow), according to the Maternal and Child Health Nurse her current daily pattern should roughly be asleep for 3 hours and awake and feeding for 1 hour. When she is supposed to be asleep for 3 hours I try to do housework, cook, shower and get dressed, eat, grocery shopping, look after our two dogs, other jobs that arise and have some time for myself. All of this is hard to fit in.

So I am very protective and emotionally wrapped up in her sleep and it not being disturbed. Not only does she need sleep, I need her to sleep.When I say 'protective and emotionally wrapped up', I literally mean that I get so angry and disappointed that for a moment (well roughly an hour) I feel on edge, annoyed, frustrated and like I could whack whoever is the cause of her being woken. Not a play whack but a big, hard, I want to hurt you kind of whack.

Baby Items - The best items that I've brought (or been given) that you may not see as necessary when planning for a new arrival are:
  1. a rocking chair for the nursery
  2. a wall clock
  3. a baby carrier (eg; like a baby bjorn)
  4. a wombie - that's what I call it. It's more commonly known as a cocoon or wrap. 
These things make my life a lot easier!

Expressing Myself - Other than writing, when I have a lot of emotions bottled up or ready to explode I like to do one of three things; 1 box - punch a bag (with pink boxing gloves) until I'm hot and sweaty from pulverising something with my fist, 2 run - run until I can feel the wind brushing past me and through my hair and 3 sex - have hot, passionate, pumping sex that leaves me lying breathless in a state of bliss. The reason I like these things is that I don't think and I'm doing something that physically moves my mind to another place.

The first 6 weeks after having a baby you are not supposed to exercise except for walking on a flat surface and it is recommended you abstain from sex while your body recovers from giving birth. So at the moment I'm a little frustrated and ...

Two weeks and one day to go!

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  1. Couldn't agree more with the cocoon and woombie, so much easier to keep them 'contained' if they are little escape artists :)