Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My kind of crazy

So what is it like having two babies born 11 months apart? I love it! I dont know any different. But there are days it seems a little crazy. Who am I kidding? Very crazy!

At the moment it looks a little like this... 1 or 2 overnight feeds. The official day starting at 5.30am. Going from one job straight to another while working out in my head how to accomplish the next three jobs. Quickly grabbing food, water and toilet breaks for myself whenever I can take them. Breastfeeding the baby with an active/unsettled toddler sitting on my shins getting a ride. Sometimes having to depend on Giggle & Hoot and Sesame Street to help me do laundry, dishes or cook dinner. Doing the weekly grocery shopping is interesting. I take the girls with me and we visit Coles, Aldi & the butcher in between sleep and feeds singing songs as we go. Dancing in the lounge with one or both on my hip making up songs. Snot, burped up breastmilk, poop and banana have all touched me in some way. And that's all before 11am. Sometime I wonder why I bother putting clean clothes on.

These moments are all normal for me. But I have a specific way - my way for doing things. I do things my way because i know it works. And if it works it's a little less crazy :)

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