Saturday, June 16, 2012

An old grump

How to not be grumpy first thing in the morning? ... I wonder!

You see I've never really been a morning person. People who really know me agree that even before having kids I needed 10 hours of sleep each night. I prefer that most days start anytime after 8am. That way I can just slowly get up. Make my breakfast and hot chocolate then sit peacefully somewhere (usually the couch or kitchen floor) and slowly wake and move and think. Reading a book or the paper sometimes is nice.

Things that set me off onto my grumpy war path are:

Being woken unnecessarily
The tv on before 8am
Being hungry and no food left to eat
Someone yelling at me or arguing
A baby who won't stop whinging an doesn't want to be put down and
Being rushed!

My dear hubby (DH) would probably add another to that list; "any day that ends in 'y'". Lol!

DH also says he doesn't want the girls first glimpse of me in the morning to be like that. I tend to agree. So I guess I'd better work on it.

I will try to remind myself to Rejoice in the Lord always and to see the best in every situation. Starting tomorrow...

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