Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sitting in the car...

Have you ever done car time? Or do u regularly, like me, sit in the car while your child/children are asleep?

That's what I'm doing now. Other mums that I speak to in passing don't tend to like their kids having sleeps or naps in the car. I'm not sure why. Am I missing something? For me there are so many advantages. In fact I don't see any negatives.

1. The girls get a needed sleep.
2. I don't have to struggle or work to get them to sleep.
3. They are both asleep at the same time.
4. I get things done.
5. I get time for myself.
6. Its at least 30mins of peace and quiet. Guaranteed.

So what do I do with these moments? Use them. Love them. Treasure them.

...And take time to read a book, pray, blog (ta-da!), pay bills online, check the family budget, text a few friends, Facebook, drive to the supermarket, eat something, dream up a yummy dinner and sleep.

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