Saturday, July 21, 2012

Family Outings

Our girls, well at least one of them is big enough now to enjoy a family outing. So we've been making a few especially because we just finished school holidays here in Victoria. Our most recent trip was the Melbourne Aquarium.

It is lovely seeing the look on a little one's face when they experience something new. The expression is in awe and wonder. I love it. It's so priceless. Dear daughter one (dd1) had a moment like this when we went through a tunnel that was surrounded by, even overhead by the big tanks. Stingray, shark and big fish were swimming around and over her. Her comment at 17 months old, "wow!"

While there I enjoyed breast feeding dd2 sitting beside and watching a large coral and tropical fish tank. It was so beautiful and there were so many colours. It reminded me how creative and beautiful God is. He is magnificent.

We should be like dd1, in awe and wonder of Him. Everything God has done should never cease to amaze us. Praise Him!

And thank him for family time!!

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