Monday, July 23, 2012

My adopted mum!

Recently (last week) the mum that I adopted got news that she has cancer. This blog (and poem) is dedicated to her. With all my love. Xox


My adopted mum!

A legend, a special gift from God.
A mum that's what you are.
I met you when I was just fourteen,
And you were always smiling like a star.

A prayer warrior at heart,
Never have you judged me.
Spoke words of wisdom
And always loved me.

You brought me gifts.
Helped me grow into who I am.
Made plans with me
And became a close friend

My husband loves you even more!
Words cannot express.
The feelings we have inside of us,
Having you makes us blessed.

Don't worry mum,
You won't be alone.
I'll be there to hold your hand
And listening for my phone

Come on kick that cancers butt!
I cant bare the thought of losing you.
More of your hopes and dreams are waiting.
I love you more than handbags & shoes.

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