Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Special Occasion

Hubby and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary. And beforehand it got me thinking about what we would do to celebrate. I love special occasions! But especially our anniversary. I love it because I get to remember the past, celebrate the present and dream about the future with my favourite person.

How should we celebrate? So many things to choose: an overnight stay, food, gifts, flowers, what to wear and what to do with our special alone time.

I thought. I googled. I called. And I was done, all organised. I was very excited and prepared for some great, well deserved special occasion alone time.

Haha. So I thought. Unfortunately I got sick and dear daughter one (the oldest) was also. So we un-arranged. Cancelled our plans. Then dear hubby took us all out for a family lunch and brought us home with the ingredients for soup and homemade pizza while we watched tv. That was all we could manage.

But we still enjoyed ourselves and are planning on our big alone time celebrations in a couple of weeks when everyone is better.

Happy Anniversary to us!! Love u babe. Xox

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