Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Child Like Faith

Yesterday I was having a little chat with my girls. As we were chatting I was watching them play and interact. So cute. DH (dear husband) and I are so blessed! Mid conversation I told each of the girls "you are beautiful".

The youngest smiled in response (almost 7 months) and the oldest (18 months) looked at me as if taking it in. I was surprised. She was thinking it through. Then as if she'd had a little light bulb moment, her eyes lit up and she said back to me with belief and in a matter of fact way "I am boot-a-ful".

Amazing! It made me smile. No more than a minute after I told her she was beautiful did she believe it. What trust in me she must have.

Later on as I was pondering, I heard Him, that voice inside me say 'child like faith'. And it reminded me I need to believe in God and trust God like my daughter trusted me. Instantly believing and verbalising the truth.

Thank you for the reminder Lord.

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