Sunday, August 12, 2012

Church day

When I was a young child I called Sunday 'Church day'. That's because I knew that we went to church every week on a Sunday. As I grew I looked forward to going to church. Actually even as a young toddler I remember running into mums room of a morning excited because I knew it was church day.

I thank God that my mother made that effort and commitment to get our whole family to church. I love church and it is an important part of my life; past, present and future.

Since becoming a mum I have sometimes found it difficult to have everyone in our house ready for church and then arriving on time each week. As a mum you have to work in and around a baby's (or two) routine. Sometimes that is tricky. Quite often they will fall asleep before we arrive. Or you can have a rough night and really need the extra sleep in or rest.

But it was not until a recent message by a new mum and Pastor, Denae Ioannou that I really started to see and understand the benefits of my mums hard work and commitment in taking us to church every week.

These are some of the benefits that have really stood out to me: Manners, morals, a sense of commitment, a sense of community, values, a deeper understanding of character, vision, purpose, the presence of God and the most important: a relationship (or the opportunity of a relationship) with Jesus Christ.

These benefits (and the many I didn't mention) should not be taken for granted. They may seem normal and everyday. However these benefits are rare and precious. Something you should fight hard for. It's worth it.

I want to and I'm going to make it a priority for my family to be at church every week. No matter what the issue... Sleeping bubba, a winter cold, no clothes to wear, grumpy kids etc.

And you know what? This commitment could be the start of something that changes the world. You never know!

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