Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Safety Warning

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe what a morning we had. All by 8.20am.

DH (dear husband) is away for part of this week and the girls and I are holding the fort. This morning while I was feeding DD2 (dear daughter two) some of her breakfast I left DD1 to do her own thing. She'd already eaten and was happy amusing herself. I knew she was chattering away in the kitchen. The very next room.

I started smelling gas. DD2 was in her high chair and I was kneeling down to feed her. Right next to me is an old gas wall heater that we don't use. I thought the smell came from there. I checked it out, opened it up, doubled checked the switches. All off. I instantly thought maybe it's leaking. Should I call a heater guy or the fire brigade?

Then my motherly instinct to protect my babies kicked in. Get the girls out. I walked into the kitchen to get DD1 and immediately discovered the problem. The kitchen stunk of gas. It was strong. DD1 was standing over the stove. She'd used the step stool to get up high enough. Turned one of the stove top gas burners on high - by accident or deliberately? I don't think she knows how. But I should not underestimate what she watches and knows.

I turned off the gas, ran her to the front door for fresh air (I already had a slight headache) and I knew then that we needed to leave the house till the gas cleared. Quickly I opened the windows, grabbed the nappy bag and we were off. DD2 didn't get to finish breakfast. Both girls were in their pj's and let's not even mention my look. But we were safe. Praise God! :)

Accidents can happen so quickly. I'm going to do a good check of the whole house. Be careful peeps.

Note to self: Get DH to put baby gate back up at kitchen door as soon as he gets home.

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