Friday, September 28, 2012

Ephesians 6:18 says

Ephesians 6:18 says keep on praying, in the spirit, at all times in all kinds of ways. La, la la. La la la laaaaa. Ephesians 6:18 says keep on praying.

I learnt this verse as a small child. My mother had a cassette player and some Christian music. One of the cassettes was full of songs that each themed a different bible verse. She would play it every now and then and I know all the verses from each of those songs.

I find myself desperately needing God at this time. Our family needs a breakthrough. Especially financially. And just now as I was cradling my youngest sweet baby girl, thinking of my needs, my concerns/worries; the Holy Spirit reminded me of this song - this verse in which God instructs us to keep on praying.

Cradling my baby girl I started to ponder the words of the verse. As the the song phrased it (the 1st paragraph above), the verse has actually got four instructions:
1. Keep on praying
2. Pray in the spirit
3. Pray at all times
4. Pray in all kinds of ways

These are things that I know. They are also things that I am capable of doing. But how often do I follow these Godly instructions...?

So I am going to start. Again. That's one of the great things about God, he wipes our slate clean, cleanses us, makes us new. He gives us a 2nd chance. Many in fact. So instead of worrying I am going to be praying. At all times and in all kinds of ways.

My first 'in all kinds of ways' (welcome to the technological world)...

Lord, Thank you for reminding me of this verse tonight. Thank you for teaching me this verse! Using your Word and my iPad I come before you boldly to ask that you change our family's financial situation. You know our needs. You know of all the incomings and outgoings. Please take control of it all. We need you and in my personal opinion, we need a miracle. I will do my best not to worry and freak out about it. But you know me, so please don't leave me hanging till the last minute. I love you and I trust you. So now I leave it in your more than capable hands. Thank you Papa. Amen.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Argh teeth!

There is nothing like the scream and desperate agony of a lil bubba and the utter helplessness you feel when a baby is getting their first tooth. Or any tooth for that matter.

I personally know a number of babies who just go to sleep and wake up with teeth. Not my girls! I've been up late and early or all night with both of them while waiting on the arrival of a tiny white pearl. And my youngest hasn't even got her first tooth yet although I'm sure it's not far away.

It's hard for both parent and child. How do all you wonderful mummy's out there deal with teething?

Usually I try baby panadol or baby nurofen or both! Along with distraction, icy-poles and hugs. I could do with some new ideas :)

Just as long as i'm being honest... When I get really tired at new teeth time sometimes I turn into the grumpy, frustrated, be quiet because I can't take it anymore, kind of mum. Then I realise it's worse for them!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tips for a bad hair day

Sometimes we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Other days we wake up happy and motivated ready to tackle whatever may come our way. And other days are just bad hair days!

I have dirty, messy hair at the moment but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about days where you feel like nothing is going right. We all have these days. They just happen. It's part of life. Things can't be all roses and chocolates every day.

So what do we do when we are having a bad hair day? Here's my top 5 tips...

1. Stop right where you are and spend five minutes in prayer. A good honest chat with God about what's going on can help. Spend some of that time listening and expecting a response too. God changes peoples perspectives all the time.

2. Put on some praise music! We are created to Praise God. So get off your butt and shout it out. Even when there is a storm the nature still gives him glory. The trees don't cower or fall because of a little rain. Neither should we. Stand tall. Give him what he deserves, your highest praise.

3. Put on a smile. There was one year in particular when I was a teenager and honestly at the time u just thought it was crap, a big ugly mess. But I walked around with a smile all the time. All day. Others started to notice and respond positively. It changed their mood and in turn it changed me. A smile can make a world of difference.

4. Positive self talk. Tell yourself that you can do it. You can make it! It's just a season and seasons come to an end. If you have to be brutal with yourself - tell yourself to suck it up. Both of my parents have a quote that has helped them through life, ten two letter words, "if it is to be, it is up to me". Not true if you have God in your life but it is a very motivating little phrase. So believe in yourself and speak good, positive, motivating words to yourself.

5. Last but not least of my helpful bad hair day tips... Eat chocolate cake. Mmmm, a yummy, rich, goey, fresh, heavenly, chocolate cake. One bite of an awesomely irresistible chocolate cake will help you forget what's going on. Even if it's just for that one minute.

Of course I have other tips... Like make a list, retail therapy and so on. But these 5 really are the most helpful.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Things greater than my world!

Recently I decided that I need to do something greater than what I do in my everyday world. Part of me laughs at myself, actually maybe it's more like a crazy snicker, then I think to myself 'don't you already have enough going on?'

Yes!!! Between being a wife, a mummy to two under 19 months, a carer, housekeeper, helping to paint our family home, selling our block of land, organising a rental property and moving 5 people into it (in the next 6 weeks), financial pressure, plus being a daughter, sister and aunty; I have enough going on.

But I'm choosing to make an effort to go that extra mile. I want to help others. I want to make a difference in some other area. Now just to do it. So I've chosen... The Miracle Babies foundation. I hope to love and support other mums - those who are doing it tough with a premie or sick newborn.

I will volunteer my time as needed. And I'm sending in my volunteer application form in this week to help out at the upcoming Parents Babies & Children's Expo. It's not much for now. But i'm sure every little bit of support helps.

Sometimes we need a different perspective. I know I do! It's important especially when going through your own tough times to remember that there is always someone else worse off.

Don't get bogged down. Change your perspective and your position. Then help others get out of the mud as well.