Friday, September 21, 2012


Argh teeth!

There is nothing like the scream and desperate agony of a lil bubba and the utter helplessness you feel when a baby is getting their first tooth. Or any tooth for that matter.

I personally know a number of babies who just go to sleep and wake up with teeth. Not my girls! I've been up late and early or all night with both of them while waiting on the arrival of a tiny white pearl. And my youngest hasn't even got her first tooth yet although I'm sure it's not far away.

It's hard for both parent and child. How do all you wonderful mummy's out there deal with teething?

Usually I try baby panadol or baby nurofen or both! Along with distraction, icy-poles and hugs. I could do with some new ideas :)

Just as long as i'm being honest... When I get really tired at new teeth time sometimes I turn into the grumpy, frustrated, be quiet because I can't take it anymore, kind of mum. Then I realise it's worse for them!

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