Thursday, September 6, 2012

Things greater than my world!

Recently I decided that I need to do something greater than what I do in my everyday world. Part of me laughs at myself, actually maybe it's more like a crazy snicker, then I think to myself 'don't you already have enough going on?'

Yes!!! Between being a wife, a mummy to two under 19 months, a carer, housekeeper, helping to paint our family home, selling our block of land, organising a rental property and moving 5 people into it (in the next 6 weeks), financial pressure, plus being a daughter, sister and aunty; I have enough going on.

But I'm choosing to make an effort to go that extra mile. I want to help others. I want to make a difference in some other area. Now just to do it. So I've chosen... The Miracle Babies foundation. I hope to love and support other mums - those who are doing it tough with a premie or sick newborn.

I will volunteer my time as needed. And I'm sending in my volunteer application form in this week to help out at the upcoming Parents Babies & Children's Expo. It's not much for now. But i'm sure every little bit of support helps.

Sometimes we need a different perspective. I know I do! It's important especially when going through your own tough times to remember that there is always someone else worse off.

Don't get bogged down. Change your perspective and your position. Then help others get out of the mud as well.

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