Sunday, October 21, 2012

Financial Hardship

Money! It's fair to say that you can't live without it; especially in the Western World. You need it for food, water, shelter, sewerage, clothing, education, etc. these are just the basics. The list goes on!

I can say from experience that not having enough money can be a burden. Our young family is almost about to come through the other side of a long term financial hardship.

It's like being kicked when you are down when struggling financially. One thing after another always seems to pop up unexpectedly. Sometimes even when you have the best intentions and/or you've specifically planned to be wise it doesn't always turn out the way you would hope.

Our story...
At the end of 2009 DH and I brought a block of land with the dream of building our own family size home. For us it was perfect but we still got a soil test, checked with builders and banks before going ahead with the purchase. At the time we had no children or immediate plans for trying, we were both working full time, we were approved for finance and found a top 3 builder in our state with plans that would suit our shape block. We were told on average most houses are completed in 5 months. We officially signed up with the builder in February 2010. It's now October 2012 and we have only got an excavated block. Circumstances beyond our control have meant that now that we have two children, one of us is working full time and we have had two mortgages (we already owned a home) for three years we cannot afford to continue trying to build our dream home. In fact we also need to sell our first home because of other commitments. Plus we need a car, our clothes dryer broke and our fridge is ancient.

It's hard and disappointing! But especially when struggling financially we need to remember:

1. God is everywhere
2. God is our provider
3. God knows best

We, our family are almost coming up for air now. It's almost time for us to breathe again. So I want to encourage you, it is just a season. It may not seem that way when you are so worried you can't help but cry or you can't sleep. But it is just a season and seasons come and go. This will pass.

God is bigger than money and finances. He is looking out for us. He is our provider. And He owns a cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10).

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