Monday, December 17, 2012

Australian Christmas Dinner

At Christmas time I always and especially look forward to the main event - Christmas dinner. For me it has to be mostly traditional feast, over-catered for, with a stack of family and gorgeous decorations. I like to plan my menu months in advance and then think about portions, how to serve it, the timing, leftovers and well everything down to the last green pea.

This year I decided to have it outside, I'm hoping it creates less mess to clean afterwards. So to accompany my outdoor Christmas dinner I decided to make it an Australian theme. Mind you there are some things like pumpkin pie (very American) that our family could not pass up.

So here is our menu...

Turkey breast roast
Gravy (from scratch)
Cranberry jelly
Roast veg mix (seasoned with Italian herbs & sea salt)
Peas & corn
Bbq'd garlic prawns
Cold honey glazed ham on the bone
Egg salad
Dinner rolls

Pumpkin pie
Christmas pudding

Fruit punch
Egg nog
Fronti (non alcoholic sparkling wine)
Iced water

Yum. I'm so excited!!!

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