Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chocolate Candy Cane Fudge

Christmas is fast approaching and I love this time of year. I think most people do. What's not to love?!

Here is a great Nigella recipe that I adapted to make more Christmassy. I call it Chocolate candy cane fudge. It's perfect for end of year Christmas parties and I plan on making up a few batches to create some gifts.

Chocolate candy cane fudge recipe:


375 grams good cooking chocolate (I used chocolate buds)
120 grams candy cane (10 regular size ones)
1 can condensed milk
Pinch of salt
2tbs butter


1. Put the candy canes into a food processor and blitz them until desired size. Some candy powder and quite small pieces worked well for me. I didn't want any broken teeth.

2. Put the chocolate, condensed milk, butter and salt in a heavy-based pan on a low heat, and stir to melt.

3. Add the candy cane to the melted chocolate and condensed milk and stir well to mix.

4. Pour and spatch this mixture into a foil tray 23cm square, smoothing the top.

5. Let the fudge cool, and refrigerate until set. About 90mins.

6. You can then cut it into small pieces approx. 3 x 2.25cm. Cutting 8 x 10 lines in the tin to give 64 pieces best achieves this.

Once cut, it can be kept in the freezer - no need to thaw just eat straight away.


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