Friday, January 11, 2013


How r u staying cool? It's a hot time of year but anything above 40 degrees Celsius is just too much! Especially for bubs, toddlers and little kids.

Our family favourites for things to do to keep the young ones entertained and cool:

Water play / a few mixing bowls of tap water add different food colours to each bowl and give them some measuring cups. Fun!

Extra baths / Luke warm to cold baths to lower their body temperature. Add a few bath toys; easy!

Water fight / water pistols, hose, sprinkler, water balloons. Every man for himself or in teams. Dads love this kinda of activity too.

Home made icy treats / fruit juice, fresh fruit blended, water with food colouring, milk or yoghurt. Make it up as you go along. You can't go wrong.

Midday movies / a kids flick. Something new or something they love! Make popcorn and enjoy. They might even fall asleep :)

Not too original but they work. Stay cool :)

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