Tuesday, February 12, 2013

His presence is like nothing else!

During the day do you... talk to, sing about, listen to, praise and give your heart to him?

God loves us and loves having relationship with us! So...

Today we are playing, eating, cleaning, washing and cooking. A few normal daily tasks for any mummy. But today we are doing it all with worship music on. It is playing it in the background. But sometimes we stop and belt out a song, offer up a prayer, or dance freely to the music (girly giggling included).

Music can help us to be reminded of God and encourages us to be kingdom minded. It is like a platform that takes us to another level.

It's not rocket science but it is mind blowing to create an atmosphere that allows Gods presence to be, and be felt and experienced. I love dwelling in Him and His anointing. He is amazing and His presence is like nothing else! Let your children know and be familiar with this now. Why wait? It is only to their benefit. Xx

P.S. Over exhaustion due to two teething toddlers made me forget to post this online earlier :/

P.P.S This is my baby worshipping at church with her daddy =)

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