Friday, February 22, 2013

What kind of people...

What kind of people do you have surrounding you?

As a new mummy you are surrounded with babies, other mums, your local doctor and your maternal health nurse. Our world really revolves around the new baby.

Sometimes we lose relationships, former work colleagues and friends without kids. Sometimes even the friendships we really want to keep and try hard with all the best intentions get a little lapse too.

As your baby grows up you meet new people. Mothers group, playgroup, swimming and soccer lessons, then comes pre-school and Kindergarten. With these you get more time for yourself (just a little). But you also make new friendships and relationships.

So what kind of people will you surround yourself with? Remember these people will be at the same occasions as you as your children grow up together. You will be doing life together.

Choose wisely. I'm looking for honest, integral, loyal, generous, big thinking, Kingdom minded friends. I think I've found some. Pray about it. Ask God to surround you with good people. Xx

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