Sunday, March 24, 2013

Autumn 2013

Autumn is well and truly here now. I'm thankful for that - it was a HOT summer in Melbourne Australia.

We all know that Autumn prepares nature for Winter. The leaves of the trees change colour and fall to the ground. The temperature drops. Night time comes earlier. It is a season; a period of time where we transition from summer to winter.

We quite often use the analogy of seasons for different periods of time in our life. But we don't always talk much about the autumn seasons. The transition periods. Those periods we go through before we go to another level.

I believe i'm in one of these seasons at the moment. For me its a time where God is working and moving in my life. He is doing a good work and it may not show yet but God is cleaning and polishing me. He is making me shiny, and bright. He is making visible my natural beauty. Like a rare and precious stone.

On the inside I know I'm going places. I'm learning. I'm being challenged. I'm inspired and empowered. There is a strong sense that something new just around the corner.

And I just wanted to share that because I want you to be encouraged that Autumn is not only a great season with pretty colourful leaves and a cool change it can also be a great period in our lives preparing us for new things.

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