Saturday, May 25, 2013


It is so important for mummies to get some time out, to look after themselves and do something adult like. 

I feel so blessed to say that I spent a night away and went to a women's conference for Friday night and all of Saturday. Thank you to my husband for releasing me and giving me that opportunity. You did a great job of watching our girls while I was away!! 

For those Melbourne or Aussie mums who don't get a lot of mummy time I highly recommend the Adore Conference. You may be thinking why would I go to a conference? But we mums need to be refreshed in the presence of God so that we in turn can inspire and encourage our family to press into God and the work he has called us to. 

At Adore you get fun girlie fellowship, pampering, yummy food, excellent worship (and we all know thats usually hard with a baby or toddler on your hip), and a powerful Word in season from amazing international women of God! 

Check it out for next year... Adore 2014!

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