Friday, June 21, 2013

Art and craft for my girls - part 1

I find its easy for kids to be fed up with being in doors on cold, wet, wintery days. It's also very easy to be tempted to just put the tv on. 

So I've created this list of 21 crafty activities to do with your little one. There is enough for one each day for three weeks exactly. But we'll probably just do one each weekday, which will make it last four weeks. 

Feel free to use my list or make your own. And if your not sure what I mean for each activity please ask. 

1. Tracing around hands
2. Rubbings eg; coins
3. Night time pics eg; Black paper white and yellow crayons 
4. Colour on sandpaper 
5. Drawing your family

1. Finger painting 
2. Paint a plaster mould 
3. Water colour picture
4. Potato stamps picture

1. Make play dough
2. Free play 
3. Make & bake the letter of our name
4. Making animals

1. Balloon man with feet 
2. Make & decorate a sparkly crown 
3. Toilet paper roll fairy (using pipe cleaners for limbs and tulle or tissue paper for wings)
4. Create a castle (life size) 

1. Button bracelet 
2. Pasta thread necklace 
3. Finger knitting 
4. Squiggle picture (paste wool onto a page) 

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