Saturday, June 22, 2013

Art and craft for my girls - part 2

Part 2 is here quicker than I expected. I just kept getting ideas for fun things to do. There are 21 new things to do! We have enough to keep going for 6-8 weeks now. 

I've made a few new categories. Cooking could be seen as an art but texture play... Oh we'll it's all good fun! 

1. Paper fan 
2. Origami 
3. Paper mâché 
4. Stain glass window (with coloured cellophane) 

1. Butterfly's (fold paper in half, paint spots on one side, fold)
2. Face painting 
3. Colour boiled eggs 
4. Paint a wooden trinket box (you can get cheap ones from Bunnings)

1. Jelly 
2. Decorating cupcakes
3. Bake cookies
4. Little balls (like choc rum balls)

1. Peg-asarus & tube-asaurus dinosaurs (seen on play school, using toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, cereal boxes and pegs)
2. A princess wand
3. A box car 
4. Make a jack in the box (a box with a lid and a balloon that pops out)

(For texture play, it might be easier to buy a cat litter box per kid - to help contain the mess!) 
1. Rice 
2. Shaving cream/foam
3. Mud 
4. Ice 
5. Play dough 

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