Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For your little ones

What is the best the thing you can give your little ones? 

There are so many objects needed for a baby. Cots, change tables, bath, high chair, nappies, bottles, blenders, little tiny clothes, the list goes on! 

Toddlers need things to... More clothes, a toddler bed, nappies, a potty, big girl/boy pants, play dates, playgroup, arts and craft, play equipment etc. 

Pre-school kids... Single bed, a pre-school, friends, more play dates, swimming lessons, dance/sport classes... I don't even know what else yet! 

As well as those material, educational, and social things that i've listed above (of the top of my head), there are other needs. Food, water, sleep, shelter, safety, love, hope and a vision for the future. 

Other things which are important to me personally are family, manners, a bible, an opportunity for a relationship with Christ, self esteem, dreams and encouragement. 

Really the list seems endless. Kids just need stuff! It is our job as parents to equip them with the best of everything we've got so that they grow up into responsible, independent, accomplished, confident, young adults. We are their teachers of life. 

So I would have to say (especially in this day and age) that one of the best things you can give or do for your children is to love your spouse. 

Wives love your husbands! 
Husbands love your wives! 

It is through our unity and our example of love that children learn a great deal. 

I would wager that our love for each other is of more value than all the material, educational and social things we could give combined. Not only are we an example of Christ's love for us the church but we are an example of what a their future relationship with someone of the opposite sex should be like. 

A loving, united marriage has power and can teach: love, forgiveness, team work, patience, authority, respect, perseverance, joy, admiration, friendship, and I'm sure countless other qualities we would all hope for our children. 

In 1 Peter 3 wives are told to accept the authority of their husbands. In turn husbands are told to honour their wives and treat them with understanding. 

The Word also tells us, where there is unity God commands His blessing. Amen. 

So go get out of here and love your spouse!

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