Monday, August 26, 2013

8 things mothers should pray for...

As mothers we hold so much responsibility for the children God has placed into our care. We are responsible for their general well being and safety. We are responsible to make good decisions for them. We are responsible for providing them with nutritious meals and enough sleep. The list goes on! 

One area that I've really been making an increased effort in recently has been the area of prayer. I feel that as mothers we are also responsible for praying for our children and their the world in which they live. 

As I'm sure you've heard plenty of times before - prayer is powerful and prayer works! I can personally testify to many answered prayers. I love prayer and the opportunity we have by prayers to communicate with our Creator and Abba Father - God. 

If you have experienced an answer to prayer, I encourage you to make a comment below. For it is by sharing and hearing that faith is built in us. 

My list of important things to continually pray for to do our part as mummy's is:

1. Pray for their salvation. They may not be at an age of understanding yet but you can start praying that they will have a relationship with Jesus Christ and pray that it will grow and that they will cherish it all the days of their life. 

2. Parenting. Pray that God would show you daily how to be an even better parent. Ask him for his advice. He is the ultimate, perfect parent. 

3. Your country. The country that you live in. This is so important. Not only do countrymen and those who are in a public service position run, protect and serve our great nation but so do we; who continually pray for our nation, it's leaders, the laws and the everyday issues that affect its people. A strong nation needs prayers behind it. 

4. Your marriage. A loving marriage is not only a good example for your children, but it creates an atmosphere of love, forgiveness, happiness, stability and peace in your home. I have written before that a loving your spouse is one of the best things you can do for your children. If your marriage is not where you want it to be right now, pray for it and for your partner. 

5. Your home. This is an area that I am constantly working on. I am not a housework liking person but keeping your home orderly and peaceful is important. 

A kept (or unkept) home is also an indication of how you're going and where your life is at. This is one area that I really consciously have to try, hard. It is quite easy for me to put housework aside or not see it as a priority (and there are times when I believe it shouldn't be), but it still needs to be done. 

There have been a few years of struggling, setbacks and grief for our family and during that time my house was not clean or safe let alone kept. It was just a barely maintained house that provided shelter and warmth. Don't let it be that way for you! 

I have come to learn that if you can't do it, pay someone else. If you don't know how to do it well, ask for help. If you want better organisational skills or strategies read a book by Emilie Barnes. Sadly I can't regularly afford someone to do it for me at this stage in my life but God is good to me!! He has shown me new ways and strategies to keep my house. Keeping a home is not just regular, consistent housework and cooking. It is also the ambience of your house. Put on some worship music in the background, light some candles, make it smell good, let your faith in God be present, pray for each member of the family as you vacuum their room or change their bedding. Invite God to be the master of your home and guest at your table. 

6. Their friends. We all hope that our children will get along well with others and have plenty of friends. Instead of just hoping pray for it. And while you're at it, pray for good friends. Pray their friends will also know God. Pray their friends will be a good and positive influence in the playground. Pray that their friends will be friends for life. 

7. Their future spouse (husband or wife). I know it's early but no prayers go unanswered. So start sending them up now. Pray for God to start preparing your child's future spouse for marriage. Pray for God to bless them, guide them, protect them. Pray that their heart would be open to God and they would receive salvation. Pray that they would grow up knowing and receiving love. Pray that they would have a good relationship with his/her own parents. Pray that when the time is right that they would treat your child with respect and love. 

8. Them! You know what's going on in your child's world, pray for it. Pray for their personality. Pray for confidence and a healthy self esteem. Pray for joy. Pray for God's continual blessing and favour. 

You won't always be able to be around or be there for your child, but God will. So trust God now and start talking to him about what's important. Get on your knees and pray. 

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