Friday, August 23, 2013

The Bombers Are Not Flying Up!

Regarding the poorly managed and lacking morals, Essendon football club: 

I would like to applaud the brave and courageous mother who in the face of adversity and opposition stood up for her son, for other mothers and their sons. 

Thank you for doing what is right. It is a mothers responsibility to care for and protect their children. I can see that it would have been hard. But you did it. Well done! 😊

Also thank you for making it clear and bringing back this whole saga to the point. It is about respect of human life. Not who is getting what punishment, or who reported this when they shouldn't and people's names being tainted with mud. Get over it! Where is the care and compassion?! Where is the respect?!

To those at the centre of this issue. Grow some balls! If you were in a position to have stopped this or you were a leader and you didn't know everything about your club then you were at fault. No questions. No excuses. Fess up. Accept it. Apologise profusely. Take whatever punishment you're given. Don't fight back (because if in years time the players get cancer or other side effects it will be on you. And the fear of that and the unknown is not fair and not right). Retire immediately. 

Forget yourself. It is NOT about you, it is NOT about the club, it is NOT about the afl. 

It is about doing what is right and it is about taking care of the players. 

If I was a mother at your club, heaven help you, I'd be shouting from the roof tops and seeing all of you in court. 

Of strong opinion, 

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