Tuesday, October 1, 2013

An iTool for Everyday Prayer Life

A few months ago God showed me a useful tool to help me keep track of all my personal prayers...

I was looking for a tool but I was hoping for a big old door or pretty frame that I could do up and turn into a blackboard, to dot point my prayer list, and then make it apart of my lounge. I thought it would be smack in my face each day, that it would help me to be more consistent and unforgetful. 

Unfortunately I couldn't afford or find what I was looking for at the time. So I shared my heart about my prayers and my prayer life with God. God had a great idea which I have been using ever since! 

And this God inspired tool is... the Reminders app on iPhone's and iPad's. You may not have even come across it or really used it regularly. I encourage you to check it out. It is a standard app. You don't have to purchase or download it from iTunes. 

See my pic below of the app as it sits on my iPad (using iOS 7)

Within the reminders app you can make lists of things. They can be about anything. I have many others lists. {More coming about those later} Have a little play if you are not familiar with it. 

What to do...

1. Create yourself a new list... Title it 'prayers' or whatever sounds good to you. 

2. In the list add as many dot point reminders as you like. Be short and specific. It's not meant to take a long time. It's there to make your life easier. 

3. Within each reminder you have options. You can add a time and date for it to remind you. Make it reoccur (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and yearly). Add a priority level. Add notes. It is very cool! So set up your prayers reminders up just as often as you'd like to pray for each matter. 

I add an alarm to most of my prayers. When it goes off I pray right there and then and tick it off as completed. I get a sense of achievement that way. But don't feel down or disappointed if you don't get to pray for something each time it's alarm goes off. This is not a legalistic tool. Any prayer is better than none! And God hears all prayers! Amen. 

Once you get the hang of it, a good idea might be to have two prayer lists. One for personal prayers and one for prayer requests of others. 

Here is as sceen shot of my prayer request list... 

I hope that this post inspires you and encourages you to boost your prayer life for you and your families needs. Be blessed! Love Nat xx

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