Monday, October 7, 2013

How I Met My Father... Part 2

And so the wait began... 

Not long after we had the initial phone call (in October 2008) from Find My Family, we got another call asking us (my sister and I) to take part in a DNA test. We didn't need to pay for it. A test kit would be sent to us each and we just had to make an appointment to see our doctor with identification. So off we went. A simple swab test. All done. 

Around May 2009 we got an email from Find My Family asking if we could both be in Sydney for a couple of days in July. Of course we wanted to go! But Robbie (my amazing husband) and I had had a difficult year and had already pre planned and paid for a two week holiday to Queensland. Which also happens to be the time of year that we celebrate our wedding anniversary. So it's a big deal. 
And so knowing that this might be our one and only chance, a chance of a lifetime but still wanting to honour my husband and our marriage, I rsvp'd that I could not make it. Thankfully my sister did not seem too worried or upset. So we convinced ourselves it would be ok. After all they had not told us they'd found him. It was only meant for initial filming, getting to know us kind of stuff. 

For the next year I called the Find My Family production a number of times for updates. I was given either a 'nothing to report' answer or even more annoying 'sorry we are not in production and are not sure we will start another series'. Boo! 

One day I believe it was May 2010 I got a call from my little sis saying that she'd had enough of waiting she was going to call them and tell them she needed answers because of health issues. Which was more than true. My sister does have a bad heart and we knew nothing of any medical conditions from our Fathers side. She was going to press the issue and be for some answers. So she told me to stay by the phone. Off she went to make the call. 

Bring bring, bring bring... I answered her call. "They found him!!" And my darling little sis had it arranged that we would get all the details they had within hours. They had contact details, they told her that he seemed very nice, all DNA tests proved to be 99.9% accurate. The only down side, she told us that we wouldn't be filmed and our story would not be used for television. Ah hello? We don't care! We didn't want to be on tv. Lol. 

We were so excited! {Insert happy dance and delighted screams here }

A lady from Find My Family called me called me to confirm. She suggested that because he lived in England that she would email all three of us the contact details at the same time. From there she recommended we let him make an initial call. 

Oh my goodness! Stop for a minute and imagine what it would be like after 26 years of hoping and dreaming to finally speak to someone of great significance to you. It was going to open a whole new world. 

Within an hour we had an email with contacts details for the man we had long been looking for, our Father. 

Now we know she said the wait for his call. Let him make first contact. Well we just couldn't help ourselves. That and we wanted our first contact with him to be together. We drafted an email by phone since we were living interstate from each other and sent it off. I'm not sure he received it before he called though. 

He rang me. Our first call was short and sweet. There were tears. Not a lot of words. We were both nervous. It was difficult to do this sort of thing by phone. I didn't know what to say! 

We decided to get to know each other by email. The emails were long, regular and honest. I loved receiving them. I'm much better at communicating my thoughts and feelings on paper so I was very happy with this. 

What a day! {insert smile} 
Thank you God! Thank you for giving me the desires of my heart. 

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