Thursday, October 17, 2013

No More Dummy

Yesterday while shopping as a family our oldest, Miss Olivia lost her dummy. Nobody noticed for the first hour. Until we got back to the car. 

It was deduced that she had put it down or dropped it while looking at the toys in Target. 

At first we told her she would have to wait till we got home. Then whilst driving home my dear hubby suggested that maybe that's it... It just stays lost. 

So after I agreed with hubby that 'yes we can roll with it', I thought to myself we'll just see how it goes. I can always cave and give in later if it became too difficult. 

I hadn't planned on her having a dummy this long. My plan was to wait till just after she turned two. After the final big teeth were cut. She was not a happy girl when getting new teeth. 

But not long after she finished teething, we were house hunting, and then Grandpa and Granny passed away. While she was grieving for Granny it was difficult for us all and was just not the right time. She needed that constant and comfort that her dum dum provided. 

So five months down the track she's closer to 3 years old, we have settled in a new house and are living life again. Now seems right. 

We explained to her that she had lost her dummy at the shops so we would try to help her be a big girl and not have a dummy anymore. 

The rest of day was not too tricky. She asked a few times about her dummy and we gently reminded her that it had been lost at the shops. The reminders were taken well and she thought through what we were saying. Her expression was as if she was remembering 'oh yes, that's right'. 

Bedtime approached and we both as parents were anxious about how it would go. Her dum dum had always played a big role at bedtime since she was a newborn. 

She said goodnight to Daddy and we did her usual bedtime routine. It didn't go bad at all. It did take longer for her to settle and fall asleep. But 1 hour and 10 minutes later she was sound asleep, off to la la land. 

In that 70 minutes we talked, hugged, kissed, had a little pout, she told me she was sad, she had more milk, accidentally spilt some milk, prayed twice (once with mummy and the other with daddy) and then I promised her she could choose some new hair clips in the morning at the shops if she could be a big girl and go to sleep. 

Then she closed her eyes, rolled over and went to sleep. No tears. No dummy fairies. 

Thank you God that we could be honest with and help Olivia through this small milestone in her journey. What an amazing little girl. So brave!

She slept through the entire night and we went shopping for hair clips this morning. 

Still good with no dummy! 

P.S. we have nothing against fairies. It just worked this way for us. 

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