Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bad mummy moments

Ever had one of those mummy moments when you wish deeply that you could turn back the clock and do thugs differently? 

I had one of those moments this week. A scary event took place that I wish didn't happen. I know that I should have done things better.  I know that if I'd done things differently the event would no have taken place. 

I feel as though I put my precious little girl in danger. It's a terrible, sickly feeling. 

I'm not going to share the event but I will share this... 

Bad moments don't make bad mummy's. 

Don't let the feeling of guilt or any other feeling come in and pull you down. You may be right, things could have been different but remember God is always in control and he holds each one of us in the palm of His hand. That includes our children. He is always watching over and protecting His own. 

Use the bad moment to teach you what not to do next time. 

Don't let the bad mummy moment make you feel like a bad mummy. 

If you're struggling with it ask God to take away your guilt, concern, fear etc. ask him to guide you and teach you so that it won't happen again. 

Ask God to protect your children when you're around and when you're not around. He's good at it! 

I've gotta go put my words into action. I'm preaching to myself with this one. But I hope it encourages you too. 

Nat xx

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