Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christmas Giving

Last year in the weeks leading up to Christmas I decided I need to teach my girls all about Christmas giving. I was reminded of a great example that Kids Pastor Gillian Cameron spoke about a few years back at the annual Kidshaper conference, I decided we should give it a go.

So what did we do? We went to our local shopping centre with determination and excited spirits. Our aim was to find someone to bless, financially. In hand we had a $20 note. It's not much to most of us. Doesn't seem like it would make a a lot of impact. But something is better than nothing. As they say it's the thought that counts!!

We walked around (girls in pram, mummy pushing) looking at people, really noticing them. We prayed to God and chatted amongst ourselves about who it should be. Then while we were in line for the cash register at Kmart we noticed someone two spots up ahead.

Distractedly we purchased our items as quickly as we could. We didn't want to lose them. We had found a father pushing a young toddler aged boy in a trolley. We raced after them, I'm sure I looked a bit funny, it felt strange, you know out of your comfort zone type stuff. Then we gently approached the gentleman and boy.

I said hello and briefly explained to the man that I was trying to teach my girls about giving to others. Then I went on to say that I hope you don't mind but we saw you just now in Kmart and felt to bless him. I told him how I thought the little boy with him was adorable. He really was a cutie with blonde ringlets and a grubby face.

The look on his face was of astonishment, blessed and gratuity. He asked a few times if I was sure. I assured him I was sure and we just wanted to bless him. I believe 100% that God led us to the right person.

Yes it was really awkward and I felt quite silly and out of place. But without a doubt I can say the moment was led by God and special. I know we were there to bless others but I felt very blessed, overwhelmed with joy and honoured myself as we walked away.

This act of giving is now going to be a Christmas tradition and example of giving that I want my girls to learn and know. Teach them to give from a young age I say.

God, I pray that you would lead us to the right person again this year. Prepare their heart even now. Bless them! Amen.

I challenge you to "give" it a go! 

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