Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Costco shopping

I am so excited that Melbourne is having its second Costco store open tomorrow and it's near me! 

Ringwood will be crazy tomorrow people. Everyone who loves Costco will want to be there and everyone who wants to know what Costco is all about will be there too (well over the next week at least)! 

For those that don't know Costco is a huge American style warehouse that sells everything from cheese, toilet paper, fresh flowers, car batteries, brand name clothing, books, appliances, large outdoor play sets, to diamond rings. 

Costco also has speciality areas such as car mechanic, optometrist, hearing centre, photo centre, and a place to grab lunch while your there. 

Now you do need an annual membership to shop there. Don't freak out though it is not expensive - only $60 a year for personal use. Cheaper for businesses. We easily make our money back. 

So I thought seeing I'm an avid fan and have been a member since it first opened in Australia I'd share some of my Costco shopping tips. 

1. Take some serious dough! You do spend a bit at Costco. Not because it is unreasonably priced but because everything is in bulk. If you plan on shopping there regularly it will only be your first visit that mucks your budget around. 

Check out this 5kg jar of Nutella :) 

2. The trolleys are big but not always big enough! If you buy toilet paper, nappies and nappie wipes your trolley is half full with only 3 items. If you add dog food to that list you should take a friend who is willing to push a second trolley. 

3. Clear out your boot before you go. Whatever you buy needs to get home so don't go with a car boot that is already loaded. 

4. If you are a bargain shopper, know your prices. I do most of my fresh food shopping at ALDI but I still find plenty of items worth buying at Costco. Costco has a bargain price BBQ chicken, especially when you see the size of the chook! 

5. Be game enough to try a few new products. Our family have enjoyed quite a few new things. One of my favourites is Pumpkin Pie. Yummy! 

6. Be prepared to just be amazed or shocked at first because of the sheer size of the place. It's kind of fun! 

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