Friday, November 1, 2013

Forget the ducks!

Ever felt like God is pointing you in a certain direction but you don't feel good enough or ready? 

I've been in this position but there are also many before me who have also been there and done that. 

Have you heard the saying... 

Jacob was a cheater,
Peter had a temper,
David had an affair,
Noah got drunk, 
Jonah ran from God, 
Paul was a murderer, 
Gideon was insecure
Miriam was a gossiper, 
Martha was a worrier, 
Thomas was a doubter, 
Sarah was impatient, 
Elijah was depressed, 
Moses stuttered, 
Zaccheus was short, 
Abraham was old and 
Lazarus was DEAD! 

God doesn't always call the qualified, he qualifies the called. 

So it doesn't matter if you don't feel ready, 
or you think that you could be more prepared, 
or that you don't think it's the right time.
If God is telling you to do it... Called you. Just go and do it! 

There is a lovely young couple in our church. I met up with the lady just last week and we were talking about this. Specifically for her and her family God has called them to really go out of their comfort zone. But she was so confident and passionate because spiritually she has her eyes set on the path God has planned for them. I believe it's because they've taken that step of faith and obedience. And because of that God is now putting all other things into place for them. He has made a way. It was so encouraging to hear. 

Dare to do what God has called you to. Remember being a godly mother is a big calling in itself. 

You are here for such a time as this! Do not be afraid. You don't always need all your ducks in a row. Step out in faith. God will have your back. Trust Him. 

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