Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Day

Our family is celebrating Thanksgiving Day this year. Although it's not so much a celebration... More a participation in the act of stopping and allocating time to be thankful together as a family for everything that has happened this year. Well that's my version. If you were to ask me what America's thanksgiving was about or the history of it, I'd have to say hold on while I Google it. 

I know it's a very American idea and we Aussies have our own National Thanksgiving Day but I prefer to do it at the end of the year... Not May. This way I can be thankful for more! 

As Chrisitians we should have a grateful and thankful attitude constantly. With God every day is a good day really because if God is for us who can be against us! 

Also when we are in relationship with Him we can talk to him and offer thanks at anytime day or night. 

But I feel as though it would be a special way to remember, give thanks to God for His goodness and all that has happened in the year. 

Plus it's also an excuse for some good food! We'll be having a roast dinner of Turkey and lots of scrumptious roast veggies with hot gravy. Ooh and maybe warm dinner rolls with butter. Mmm. 

Does your family celebrate thanksgiving? And more importantly have you given thanks for all that has happened this year? 

I encourage you to set aside some time to be thankful. You don't have to make a public notice about it. It doesn't even have to include a Turkey. Just give thanks to God for all he's done and is doing in your family. If you've had a real crappy year, give thanks to God for He is good and His mercy endures forever! 

Happy Thanksgiving Day, 

P.S. I believe the American's also eat pie. So maybe I can get us some pumpkin pie for desserts. 

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