Friday, March 28, 2014

The Desires of Your Heart

Do you have a bunch of good, fun, Godly women around you? 

I'm getting straight into it today... I have friends!! {insert big smile} 

You see my childhood journey was different to most. I grew up in lots of places. There are 13 school years (of primary and secondary school) and I went to 13 different schools. That many schools is quite ridiculous! But it is part of me, my story and now I can't imagine it being different. 

The thing I found most difficult during that period was having friends. If it wasn't difficult to make them, it was hard to keep them. Either or. 

Now it's been a while since I left school (cough 11 years cough) and I'd like to point out towards the end of high school I did have some friends. But not like best friends. Not friends that were similar to me. Not the kind of friends you want to spend all your time with. Not the kind I felt I could really pour my heart and soul out to. Not the kind of friends that helped make you be a better you. I was still different, felt like I didn't fit in and more loner-ish than one would like. 

One Bible verse in particular helped me with this after I gave my heart to God at 14 years old. 

Psalm 37:4 Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires.

Over the years as I have delighted myself in the Lord he has been fulfilling the desires of my heart. One at a time, in His time. And who knows that His timing is perfect! 

God bringing me new, good, fun, Godly friends has been like a dream come true. And the quality of ladies that I now call friends are far better than anything I could have mustered up myself. I don't know why I thought it would be anything but awesome with God doing it. 

In Ecclesiastes 3:1 it says there is a time and season for everything. This is my adapted mummy version... 

A time without friends and a time with. A time of being at home keeping children and the house and a time to gain more independence and venture out. A time to teach little ones and a time to let them fly. A time for discipline and a time for hugs and laughter. A time to bake and a time to be cooked for. A time to hear from God and a time to speak to Him. A time to give and a time to receive. 

There is a season for all things. But as we delight ourselves in the Lord (no matter the season we are in) he will give us the desires of our heart. 

P.S. I'm still different but thanks to God I now have friends

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