Friday, April 25, 2014

Sacrifice of a Soldier

Being a soldier is a sacrifice. I have seen this to be true... 

They sacrifice 

S elf. They no longer have the responsibility of themselves. Everything they do is by order and schedule. 

A period of time. Whether they are at war or at home, the time of a soldier is almost completely given to others. They miss a part of life. Big celebrations; perhaps the birth of their own baby entering the world, a family funeral, a kids first day at school, Christmas, anniversaries, holidays and the everyday things... 

C ommon things such as weekend sport, parties, taking their kids to school, the embrace of a loved one, a home cooked meal or a lazy day on the couch. 

R elationahips suffer either while they're away or when they get back. Wives wishing 'He' was here or wondering why 'He' is so different. 

I n case of an emergency. They sacrifice the innocence of being able to go to work and come home without worry or fear. Plans must be in place in case of severe injury or death. The risk is more probable than most jobs. 

F amily. They miss parts of family life and as a result of the job their families also sacrifice. 

I mage. A soldier has to look, dress, eat and behave in a certain manner. 

C larity of mind. You may/do see, hear and do things as a soldier that you wish you hadn't. Horrible things that stick in your mind. Things that can give you depression, or post traumatic stress disorder and nightmares. 

E motions. We are all human. Even soldiers. And all of the above does take a toll especially on a persons emotions. It's all connected to our emotions. To feel is to be human. 

Dedicated to all soldiers but especially dear to my heart - Damian Richards - I love you! X

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