Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The story behind our BIG news

My first inklings... 

Believe it or not we were on our holiday. A cruise trip for our 10th wedding anniversary. The trip was for 12 nights in July. A special trip to be remembered. 

I was exhausted the whole trip. In the beginning I thought 'I so need this holiday'. So being exhausted did not shed any light. 

The first thing that slightly alerted me as a pregnancy symptom was the stink of chlorine on the pool deck and that was quickly followed by the horrible smell of bleach that our clean towels carried. This really ruined the thought of a nice warm shower. 

So my sense of smell was heightened. But it wasn't really confirmed to me until about day 8 when I started feeling woozy. It was like I'd had too much alcohol. My head felt foggy and dizzy-ish and I felt queasy and unsettled. But I knew it wasn't due to drinking. It might have been easy to diagnose sea sickness but I've never had any form of motion sickness. I have a strong stomach! 

As if I needed any other symptoms while trying to enjoy our beautiful, long awaited holiday; the amazing food on board started to not appeal. In fact it - well the thought of it made me physically ill. 

The final straw of confirmation was crying at the dinner table in the luxurious formal dining room. Simply reading the menu brought out deep felt tears. It seemed pathetic but also such a big deal to pregnant me. Seriously who cries when reading a yummy, free, five star menu??! 
When my dear Robbie looked at me, noticed my tears and asked if I was ok - in that moment I knew! No pregnancy test was needed. 

Of course I confirmed it a couple of days after we arrived home with a store brought kit. But there was no surprise. We are pregnant. 

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