Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dedicating our home

On this day in 2014 we found out that our offer had been accepted to buy our home. Hooray! We moved in one month later. 

Last night I spent time dedicating our family home to God Almighty and declaring the promises of God over it. 

Last week we were meant to have new carpet installed but some things were forgotten and it's now being installed today. Like right now. 

Having the whole week to look at the concrete slab floors. I came up with the idea to be creative and seize an opportunity. It's unusual but I love it! 

We got a bunch of permanent markers and sharpies and wrote verses of scripture in each room. In the girls bedrooms we had scriptures relating to children and in the master bedroom verses of love and marriage etc. 

I had heaps of fun. And I love that the very foundation of our home is marked by truth and the Word of God. 

What creative things have you done recently? Be creative we are made in the Fathers image (Genesis 1:27). 

Like my pics? 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Serving Others

So last week I dared to challenge you and all other Christian mummy's. Did you accept my challenge? 

What was it again? 

Part 1. Put the lies of the enemy aside - forget them! You can minister to others now - today. Not in the future. 

Part 2. Figure out what it is you can do to serve and minister to others now while being a mum (no matter what season of motherhood you are in). 

Part 3. Start doing it! Get into action. Serve others today. 

Today I'm excited to tell you what I've been up to this week. I took up my own challenge and this is what's been happening.

Firstly I came up with a list of what I could do with two little ones and a newborn. I thought it needs to be something around my mummy schedule. Then also something that I'm good at because God gave me those gifts for a reason - plus it's easier to work within your giftings. 

My list looks like this... 

1. Encouraging others: 
I could do this in a few ways; in conversation, by sending cards to people and via my blog. God has gifted me with words! Sometimes it's easy to forget that words are powerful and that a simple encouraging word can really change another's day. So I'm off to buy cards and promise to blog more. 

2. Praying for others: 
I love praying for anything and everything. I know prayer works so I'm passionate about it. I pray at home but this week I joined a group of local ladies all from different churches who pray. And they are all mums. We pray at one ladies house so the little ones just play and eat freely. 

3. Teaching my girls to be Kingdom minded: 
I do try to do this always but I'm working on putting it into even more action. I am going organise my girls going to visit a hospital ward or nursing home to pray for those who are sick. I'm all about training them up while they are young! (Plus one of my girls has a heart to see people healed.) 

4. Cooking for those in need: 
This one is exciting because to me it seems big. Bigger than my lounge room! After thinking about it and praying it over, I spoke to my dear hubby and got his blessing. So I called up the local state primary school. I don't have kids in primary school yet but why should that stop me? I had a meeting with the principal and asked if there was a frozen food chest in place that I could contribute to or if I could start one up. 

The principals response was very positive and she even told me of the recent history of some of the school community which would have greatly benefited from such a program. 

So I'm starting up a frozen meals chest for those in need. The need might be because of illness, family difficulties, finances etc. I don't mind and I don't need to know. I'm glad to be able to reach people outside my normal sphere of influence. Outreach! And guess what? I'll be praying for each and every meal and for the people who eat the meals not only that they would be blessed but that they might find salvation. Amen. 

So that's it... My list of things that I can personally (at such a time as this) do to minister to others. I hope that my list might encourage you to see that good can be done, others can be served and God can use you right now, no matter what season of mothering you are in. Big or small. It doesn't matter. God has called and equipped you! Go! Go and serve might woman of God! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

She's here!!

Better late than never! 

I realised last night that I hadn't shared our family's exciting news... Sorry. 

Our little girl Esther Jasmine arrived on Monday afternoon on 2nd March 2015. 

She is absolutely beautiful and has captured the hearts of everyone. Especially her two big sisters. 

Today Esther is exactly 6 weeks old. 

Both mum and bub are well and settled into everyday life. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Do you accept the challenge?

I'm sending out a challenge for all us Christian mummy's. The Holy Spirit has been doing a good work in me; and I've been thinking some things over and over. Now I'm ready to share it... 

I believe in our lives as mums especially if you have little ones, it's easy for ideas to creep into our hearts and minds that are contrary to the Word of God. 

Things like... 
"I'm too busy to help (minister to) others right now" 
or "I have nothing to give" 
or "I'm not capable of anything more" 
or "I'll have to wait till my kids are older". 

Baloney!! That is not true. It is a lie from the enemy. All of them are phrases - seeds planted to stop amazing, driven, hard working women from doing work for the Kingdom of God. 

Of course when you think it through it makes perfect sense. Mothers are some of the hardest, if not the hardest workers on earth. Mothers are responsible for so many different areas; chief hug giver, cook, cleaner, nurse, teacher, friend, play mate, organiser, taxi driver, the list goes on! 

Yes we do a lot but it's those things that make us who we are. It's possible that being a mum is our training ground for other things. Those mummy challenges we face are opportunities for us to lead. As we lead our kiddies in our home we are gaining character, perseverance, patience, compassion and wisdom. 

Satan doesn't want ladies with character, perseverance, patience, compassion and wisdom empowered to do anything more than mother and home duties. 

So my challenge for myself and now for you too is this: 

Part 1 - put the lies aside 
Part 2 - figure out what it is you can do while being a mum at whatever season you are in 
Part 3 - start doing it!