Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dedicating our home

On this day in 2014 we found out that our offer had been accepted to buy our home. Hooray! We moved in one month later. 

Last night I spent time dedicating our family home to God Almighty and declaring the promises of God over it. 

Last week we were meant to have new carpet installed but some things were forgotten and it's now being installed today. Like right now. 

Having the whole week to look at the concrete slab floors. I came up with the idea to be creative and seize an opportunity. It's unusual but I love it! 

We got a bunch of permanent markers and sharpies and wrote verses of scripture in each room. In the girls bedrooms we had scriptures relating to children and in the master bedroom verses of love and marriage etc. 

I had heaps of fun. And I love that the very foundation of our home is marked by truth and the Word of God. 

What creative things have you done recently? Be creative we are made in the Fathers image (Genesis 1:27). 

Like my pics? 

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