Sunday, April 12, 2015

Do you accept the challenge?

I'm sending out a challenge for all us Christian mummy's. The Holy Spirit has been doing a good work in me; and I've been thinking some things over and over. Now I'm ready to share it... 

I believe in our lives as mums especially if you have little ones, it's easy for ideas to creep into our hearts and minds that are contrary to the Word of God. 

Things like... 
"I'm too busy to help (minister to) others right now" 
or "I have nothing to give" 
or "I'm not capable of anything more" 
or "I'll have to wait till my kids are older". 

Baloney!! That is not true. It is a lie from the enemy. All of them are phrases - seeds planted to stop amazing, driven, hard working women from doing work for the Kingdom of God. 

Of course when you think it through it makes perfect sense. Mothers are some of the hardest, if not the hardest workers on earth. Mothers are responsible for so many different areas; chief hug giver, cook, cleaner, nurse, teacher, friend, play mate, organiser, taxi driver, the list goes on! 

Yes we do a lot but it's those things that make us who we are. It's possible that being a mum is our training ground for other things. Those mummy challenges we face are opportunities for us to lead. As we lead our kiddies in our home we are gaining character, perseverance, patience, compassion and wisdom. 

Satan doesn't want ladies with character, perseverance, patience, compassion and wisdom empowered to do anything more than mother and home duties. 

So my challenge for myself and now for you too is this: 

Part 1 - put the lies aside 
Part 2 - figure out what it is you can do while being a mum at whatever season you are in 
Part 3 - start doing it! 

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