Saturday, May 30, 2015

Scary Prayers!

believe over the period of a month God has been challenging me in the area of prayer. 

Now if I was to say honestly what I thought of my own prayer journey I would probably go with something like this... I love prayer. I know and believe it works. I know God hears my prayers. I've had many personal prayers answered. I like to think of myself as an intercessor but at a beginner level. So overall I'd say my prayer life is fairly good. 

Reading back over that last paragraph, I'm thinking 'that's lame' and 'where is my head at?' It seems all about me.  

Sometimes we can get caught up in ourselves. Sometimes we don't even realise it. It just happens. 

Prayer is not all about us! Yes we should pray for ourselves and our lives. We should open up to God about what's happening with us; trusting him for all our needs. Asking Him for solutions and blessing and favour. 

But prayer I believe is a way of communicating with God. And communicating means there's more than one party involved. So prayer is also about God. And God wants to use us and our prayers to bring heaven to earth! He wants to use our prayers to make a change. He wants to use our prayers to bring Him glory! 

So what kind of prayers are we really praying? 

Are we praying prayers that are all about us? Or are we growing and communicating with God and praying prayers that are bigger than us... Are we praying about something more than just ourselves? 

Do we dare to pray for things that are big, scary and even impossible?? 

Part of what made me challenged in this area was hearing Lisa Bevere say "are you praying safe prayers or are you praying scary prayers?" 

So I thought about it. Do I wanna pray... 

To find a car park or for souls to be saved? 
Protection of my health or amazing healing for others? 
Help me get out of bed or a strategic year ahead? 
For a warm sunny day or for opportunities to be a shining example of Gods love? 
To wake up early to read the Bible or for people to be raised from the dead!! 

I've decided to go with scary! 

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