Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A miracle!

Today I am so excited (crazy happy!) to share with you a very recent and real testimony of God's goodness. Here's what happened... 

Two weeks ago to the day I had a car accident with my three little girls in the back seat. We were on our way to a mums bible study group at our church but we left well early because I had it on my heart to cook up a batch of meals for our church freezer. So I also had a boot full of groceries. 

Thankfully I praise God for keeping us safe. My youngest princess didn't notice, cry or stop playing. No peep from her at all. My middle princess got a fright and had a cry but I believe that's because her big sister was crying. My big girl (who was the only one of the three who actually saw the accident) got a fright and was laughing in shock and then cried had a small amount of whiplash. But by the end of the day had no pain at all. Praise The Lord!! 

The accident happened as a result of a car; two cars ahead of me, stopping for a duck to cross the road. Fortunately for them 
that car saw no damage at all and drove off unscathed. 

However due to the speed limit and lack of notice to stop being that we were on a curvy one lane road we hit the middle car; the car in front of us. We slowed down down but still hit the back of the other vehicle. 

We exchanged details and made sure everyone was ok. I must say the driver of the car I hit was very kind and considerate especially considering he had a nice American car. 

One of the first things the gentleman asked me was "do you have insurance?" I immediately and without any hesitation answered "Yes. You'd be silly not to these days!" 

Well little did I know... We actually did not have any car insurance as both my husband and I thought. None. 

No car insurance. A big difference to what I thought. I really believed we had full comprehensive car insurance. I always have car insurance. I have insurance for everything!! 

But we confirmed twice that we did not in fact have any car insurance on that car. The car policy had lapsed by over 14 months! It was due to be renewed last year - 2014 - and for a number of reasons it got completely forgotten. 

I couldn't believe I had been driving around (lots of driving!) for over a year with no cover. Ridiculous. And completely my fault. I take full responsibility. It was my job to pay it and I didn't. 

My dear husband was very good and calm considering the whole situation. I love you Robbie! Xx 

We didn't know what we were going to do. Based on my limited knowledge of cars and my we estimated about $10,000 damage to just the other mans car. Ours... Who knew?! Not money we had. 

Robbie and I talked and decided that this wasn't fair. We are children of God! We believed it was an attack from the enemy against our family and our finances. We had recently talked about increasing our tithe and funding a God inspired project. How could we cover all that? Only by Gods provision. We needed His help. So we determined to pray and believe expectantly for good things. Why? Because God loves us. 

One of my sisters called later that day to see how we all were. I told her what happened and she suggested that we try to make a claim anyway. She'd heard it can be done. I didn't believe her but thought well we may as well try... God could make it happen. He is a God who makes all things possible. That's what His word says. 

So the day after the accident I called the insurance company again. This time praying for God's favour to make a claim on a policy that doesn't exist. It was allowed. After being transferred to different areas and repeating the details a few times God made it possible for me to make a claim on a non existent insurance policy. We were advised that the claim would be reviewed because of the lapsed policy and that could take up to 10 working days. 

I was so shocked. Thank you Lord. In the natural I had not believed it would even go this far. I praised God in my pjs in the lounge room for His goodness and favour. And I decided then to set my eyes on things unseen. To walk by faith and not by sight. To really believe that with God all things are possible! 

The next morning I woke up with a terrible headache and we didn't have any panadol at home and hubby was already at work. I prayed and then I asked my friend to pop over with panadol and anointing oil for prayer. She came and we prayed for my health and the car insurance claim. We believed he would take care of it and left it in His hands. Thank you friend for coming over in he pouring rain. Xx

Over the rest of the two weeks (up until today) Robbie and I prayed and believed. We prayed separately and together. Actually it was really sweet and left me thinking that 'I was glad we had had the car accident'. Weird I know. But it brought us closer together and raised our faith level. 

We also shared with some other friends (not all - I didn't want everyone know how badly I'd stuffed up) and our senior Pastors the situation and they prayed and believed with us. Thank you everyone. 

Something else or two to mention is... 
1. that we did increase our tithe during the last two weeks. And 
2. we also chose not to hire a rental car. We did not want to lose or have the enemy rob us of any more finance. 

It has been a long wait! Two weeks with no family car. But we waited patiently and with faith filled confidence (peace - which surpasses all understanding) that everything would turn out ok. 

A special thank you to a special family who picked my daughters up from kinder all last week. I appreciate your kindness and generosity. Xx 

Today after 14 days of waiting I received a call. Our claim has been accepted! Thank you Lord!!!! 

We need to pay for 12 months back pay of insurance and the excess on a policy that still is not current. How amazing is that! God came through. We stood on His promises and believed together in faith and he made the impossible possible. 

Also because of the long lapse the car policy cannot be reinstated. The insurance company's system just simply can't handle it. We can however (and will) start a whole new policy. I think this makes it all the more miraculous! 

Our policy doesn't exist but our claim has been approved. What else could you want? 

Who knows that God exceeds expectations? We get a hire car till ours is fixed. All part of our non existent policy ;) 

Our God - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Moses - is so good. He is faithful and His love endures forever!!! Can I get an Amen? I give all glory and honour to Him. Thank you Lord. 

Please take delight yourself in Him. Trust Him. Boldly go to Him in prayer and make your requests. God is not dead, He is alive! He answers prayer. Nothing is impossible for Him!! 

Please share this testimony of Gods goodness with others who need or are praying for a miracle. 

Written by, a very excited daughter of the Most High King, with praise on her lips, Natalie 

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  1. I am overjoyed to read this. He is amazing. Nothing is impossible with Him. I cannot wait to share this wonderful news!