Thursday, September 24, 2015

Menu planing

I love food so making a menu plan is fun because I get to think up yummy meals for at least a whole week. 

Other reasons for choosing to menu plan are: 

1. It's cheaper for us to know in advance what we are eating (so I'm not tempted to get takeaway) and so I know what I need to buy at the supermarket 

2. When the kids ask me what's for dinner I actually know 

3. My days run smoother and are less hassle with a plan. I'm not running around looking for some recipe or ingredient at the end of the day 

4. We eat lots more healthy and nutritious food with a plan

5. I had another point. Darn baby brain! 

I have some constraints to work around: 
All meals must be dairy and soy free!
I don't have a stove top at the moment and I only have a small benchtop electric oven. The joy of renovating. Even with those things taken into account I can usually make the weeks meals work and taste yummy! 

This is what I've come up with for this week: 

Schnitzel and roast veg 

Gnocchi bolognaise 

Wednesday: Yom Kippur 
Roast turkey and veg, gravy, homemade dinner rolls and lemonade 

Sweet potato lasagne 

Homemade pizzas 

Creamy chicken & corn pasta 

Chilli con carne on jacket potatoes 

Lemon chicken and rice 

Cottage pie 

Thousand island chicken and asparagus pie (homemade pastry) with steam veg

Tuna mornay 

I usually just jot down the meals I want to make next to a day of the week. If it's school holidays (like now) then I don't have to worry about the time it takes to cook but in school terms I schedule really easy meals on days that we have extra activities. And I try to use my slow cooker!! 

Have you got any other tips? Share with me please. 

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