Sunday, October 11, 2015

A hungry thirsty struggle

O Lord God Almighty is good. And His love endures forever. Indeed he has saved us and called us and equipped us with all that we need. Amen! 

How I long and thirst for more of Him. I hear Him calling me deeper. In my mind I look for more time so that my business is all about Yeshua and in His presence. For all these things (of the world) shall pass away. I want to worship (prostrate/lay face down) on the floor. I want to be witnessing to all I see. 

My heart is filled with joy and mission! 

But sadly I can't find the all the time I want. I know I need to be (well I want to be) up more over night praying. I struggle in reality. Pray that God would give me strength and opportunity. Such a task. I am called to be a mother and a wife. Does anyone else struggle like this? Juggling time in His presence and being wife and mum. 

1. Do not feel condemned. There are seasons. Time will change. 

2. I encourage you to persevere. Make time no matter how little. An extra 5 mins to us means something else to God. He see's our heart and our perseverance. 

3. Ask Holy Spirit for strategies on how to make it work for you. 

4. Just talk to Him (and listen) all day long - it doesn't matter what you're doing. 

We can get through these tricky seasons with little ones. God is ok with dirty faces, washing needing to be folded and dinner half cooked. He wants time with us!