Tuesday, November 17, 2015

England part 1

So it must have been almost 5 weeks ago now... 

I was lying in bed should have been nodding of to sleep and I felt Holy Spirit tell me to write to my Dad. For those who don't know he lives in England. So I start writing: thumbs to smart phone. 

I try to email often; usually of how we are all going and a couple of pictures. But this time I felt led to really share my faith, tiny bits of my testimony and scripture. I wanted to encourage him to trust The Lord and give his life to Him. 

So it was all written. I liked it. It was very much from the heart and led by the Spirit. But I never pressed send. It sat there as a draft. Till one week later. 

Exactly one week later I got a call from my younger sister. She'd got a call from Dad - I had missed 3! He'd had a stroke (his third one). Immediately I wished I had followed through with sending the email. Needless to say I then found and sent the email. 

Anyway I spoke to Jean my step mum and Dad the next morning. He didn't sound to well and he's categorised as high risk and can't take any more medication so it got me thinking did I want the first time I ever saw my father to also be my last? No! And I really want to share my heart and my faith in The Lord Jesus with him in person. 

Robbie and I discussed it and prayed about it. We both wanted me to go. But our financial position was lacking. We didn't have the means. So I started praying and believing for the money. God came through. He is so good! 

And now 4 whirlwind weeks later I'm sitting on a B787 aeroplane, with 8 month old baby Esther, flying the final leg of the trip Dubai to London. 

I'm not privy to everything God has planned and prepared for me 😉😂 but I do know this trip was meant to be and God has sent me with a purpose. 

Just days after I sent the email to Dad I got a beautiful surprise reply. It had a portion that went something like this... 
I read and re read your email with tears. It caused me to find my bible and reconcile with God. 

Thank you Lord! Hallelujah!!! 

I'll post this when I disembark in London. Stay tuned to get more updates of what God is doing. 

Love you! 
Nat x

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