Tuesday, November 24, 2015

England part 4

It's Monday morning in London. My last day in the UK. While little Essi has a sleep I'm remembering and reminding myself of what happened over the last few days. This is what Holy Spirt has shown me in regards to one specific thing... 

God does BIG things. He never does anything half baked. It's just that sometimes we cannot see the BIG things straight away. 

On Friday I prayed and laid hands on my step mother Jean. It was a unique, special moment. I prayed for healing and protection and I prayed God would bless her and so on... 

For me it wasn't a guns blazing, let rip kind of prayer - well not by words and tone but of heart - definitely! 

I was lead by the Spirit of Jesus Christ and when I was finished Jean was physically and emotionally moved. I was shaking. The anointing was there. It was so... Amazing! 

But afterwards I got to thinking by my flesh that nothing happened. So this is what God reminded me. Healing a broken heart although it cannot be seen straight away is a BIG deal. Not to mention valuable seeds were planted. 

So I am thankful and I trust God will continue to do the good work he started. 

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