Monday, August 8, 2016

A miracle

God has been watching over our family of late. Within the period of just 4 weeks we have seen in our immediate family not 1 but 2 miracles!! 

Last week just as we had finished our family bible time before the girls go to bed something totally unexpected happened. 

Usually our night routine consists of: 
Family dinner 
Kids devotions 
Small quiet play 
Put pjs on
Family Bible time 

However this one had a little something extra... 

We had just finished doing family Bible time in the girls room and Olivia had already been tucked into bed with hugs and kisses. She sleeps on the bottom of the bunk. 

Next was Isabelle she was just about to be tucked in. She kinda plonked her self down and... 

The whole bunk cracked. The top of the bunks frame broke and tore apart. As a result the slats holding up the mattress broke too. The slats fell, the mattress fell, part of the frame fell and Isabelle fell. All on top of Olivia. 

My mummy instincts kicked in! I spread my legs to block a nearby Esther from getting nearer the action making sure she was out of the risk zone and simultaneously I grabbed Isabelle by the ankle as she was sliding/falling with the mattress.While dangling her mid air from the ankle I yelled to hubby with my tone of hurry up and help!! He had only left the room 2 mins earlier. 

When dear hubby entered the room he's staring at me like put Isabelle down (because she was still dangling upside down) and where's Olivia?! 

I answered his silent question, quick the bunk bed broke and Olivia is trapped. 
Poor darling sweet Olivia was crying and trapped under a mountain of mattress and wood. 

Robbie rescued her and to our utter amazement she had only one very small scratch on her cheek. It was a miracle. 
It's hard to explain the disaster I saw. But there were 6 wooden slats all broken which now had jagged and pointed edges. Sharp bits, sharp bits everywhere!! The area the sharp bits covered were her face, throat, chest and stomach regions. She should have been impaled at least once. 

We choose to believe that God commanded His angels to watch over and protect her. 

Psalm 91:11 
For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. 

This bunk should not have broke. It was 15 months new! And it only had a 15kg child on top. Isabelle although plonked did not (and does not usually) jump on the bed. 

It was made of solid pine wood and painted white. Under the pretty white paint were two big natural wood knots. We didn't know they were there and they just gave. It was an accident waiting to happen. But Praise the Lord He is good and He is faithful. No matter what happens He has our back (and in this case our front). Thank you Lord! 

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