Sunday, August 28, 2016

End Time Happenings

Hi all, 

Please allow me share what Holy Spirit has been showing me recently. Some of it seems so simple (it's like duh) but other bits are shocking! ... 

Things are about to get more crazy than we can imagine. We are in the last days. Between now and mid December big things are going to happen. Make sure you are right with God. Let me say that again... MAKE SURE YOU ARE RIGHT WITH GOD. Read your Bible. Pray for the lost everyday. Take steps of faith and be led by Holy Spirit. 

These are the things I'm learning and hearing about... 

1. Jesus is coming very soon for His bride. 

2. Once saved always saved is a false statement. We must continually repent of our sins and grow in God. 

3. The entire Bible is a script of a Hebrew wedding. 

4. God has a prophetic calendar. God appointed Feasts - appointments that He will keep. The rapture of Gods people will happen during the Feast of Trumpets. Which day during the 2 day feast and which year I don't know. No one knows. 

5. The 2016 American Presidential election will most likely be suspended and martial law will take place in the USA. 

6. The person of the antichrist will be revealed soon. 

7. The new world order and a global economy is already in place. I have a good YouTube link for that. It was announced by Obama himself in a press conference. 

8. Most of the church as we know it will not be raptured. A lot of people are going to church for something to do, tradition, to please others, or because they feel that's what should be done. A lot of churched people have lost their love for God. 

9. Persecution is upon us. And we must face it. It's not avoidable. We should expect it. Christ suffered, so must we. 

10. We must do everything according to the Word of God. Over time things have been overlooked, forgotten or even stamped out by leaders. If you don't know what's right or wrong, read your Bible. 

For me it's all very exciting! And the more I spend time reading the Word and in prayer the more I learn and the more hungry and thirsty I get. It's more-ish. God is my daily bread. 

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